It can be a very confusing time to be a man. You are encouraged to de-armor and soften, but if you open too much, you find yourself ill-prepared to manage the marketplace and the still edgy elements of reality. It is still largely consideredd a survivalist world, after all.

But it you don’t open at all, you live without real intimacy least of all with yourself and are at risk of all manner of disease- the emotional and physical illnesses that emanate from a closed heart and rigid musculature. So how do you find a balance, recognizing that real change takes time, and that part of the problem is knowing what we do want as well as being clear about what no longer works for us. 

The key is to living well for longer is to learn to allow yourself to voice the fears even if just to yourself, accept them them and yet trust that when things become difficult, you can find the tools and the people to help you move forward, both for your mind, body and soul

It's may take centuries to transform the male psyche to a more heart based lifestyle but when we make a small step in the direction of a new paradigm, we are almost carrying a whole crew of ancestors along too. You can almost hear them breathing a sigh of relief, like "thank you... that armor was damn heavy. It's nice to finally surrender..."

Our objective is to change perceptions and give a new definition to success


There has been so much talk about allowing women to have a voice and the need for them to be empowered to live well but somewhere in the mix women have evolved and men seem to have been left behind when it comes to coming out of the mind and into our own heart and soul. We want to change that. If partnerships are to 'truly' work they must be balanced and both sides must feel resilient enough to stand alone, yet open hearted enough to live in harmony with another. By doing this we can all live well for longer and we teach our children simply by being the example.

Perhaps it is that men have always been taught to have the 'keep calm and carry on' attitude or perhaps it is that men found the thought of accepting the truth of themselves all too big a challenge. 

We are not about teaching men to become more feminine and stop striving to be the hunter gatherer, but we are about teaching men to find out who they really are and enable them to stay at the top of their game for longer. As well as helping them learn to be the best version of themselves. 

We believe you can have it all and stay healthy, providing you are willing to face your own truth and allow fear through you not into you. Nothing in life is free but there is an awful lot more out there that can be gained with ease and without a fight but with self-responsibiilty on every level comes a freedom to live a life truly well lived. 

We want men to stay at the top of their game, have peace with that and enjoy it ! Afterall our children follow our examples and we want to create a future of children who admire and aspire to be like their dad’s for all the right reasons.

The Blueprint Club client may currently feel all or some of the following:

  • Constant fear of trauma both physical and emotional 
  • Finding the monotony of responsibility stifling
  • Never in the now 
  • Fear of ill health and death 
  • Popping Pills
  • On a constant treadmill to strive for 'success' 
  • Insomnia or sleep that leaves you still feeling 'unrested' 
  • Unable to switch off
  • Relying on too many stimulants to get through life
  • Finding work and/or personal relationships exhausting to manage 
  • Fear of 'lack of' or losing it all 
  • In a blame mode
  • Unbalanced emotionally and physically
  • Over or under exercising 
  • Have children with health concerns 
  • Have children with anxiety 
  • Have children who are over achievers 


One of the most powerful pieces of advice when it comes to the process of living your life well is to get out of your head and into your heart. There needs to be a shift from the buzzing mental vibration that blocks the energy, to a state of flow and surrender that creates the space to allow for your desires to manifest into your reality in a simple, natural and effortless way and this is is especially relevant when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

1. Thoughts

 A thought is a connecting and sharing of information in the brain. 7×4=28 is a thought. The world is round is a thought. I am 50 years old is a thought.

Thoughts are neutral. They produce a small electrical charge in the brain, but this is of no great significance energetically or vibrationally in itself.

2. Feelings

 A feeling is our authentic self speaking our truth to us. A feeling is an inner knowing, and its voice is usually fairly quiet. We discover what we feel in times of quiet reflection or meditation, or in deep conversation with a friend or someone we trust. Sadness is a feeling. Joy is a feeling. Shame is a feeling.

3. Emotions

 An emotion is our bodily response to a thought or a perceived situation. Emotions are the big guys, the tangible reactions we feel in our body in response to a thought, a feeling or a belief. Emotions are physical and emotions emit an immense vibrational charge. They are our limbic system letting us know how we’re reacting to our thoughts, feelings or beliefs. These are what we need to become aware of and manage differently in terms of allowing what we do want in our worlds. 

4. Beliefs

 A belief is the way we perceive the world, the filter through which we see everything. A belief is based upon everything we’ve known up until this point, and it can be conscious—something of which we’re aware; or it can be unconscious—something which is influencing us to behave and react in certain ways without our knowing it.




We Can Help

We aim to help you define what changes you need to make to allow you to live well for longer : 

Courage to define what you really want 

Your starting point involves being honest with yourself and taking responsibility for all your past choices. No matter where you are on your health and wellbeing journey, you cannot make progress if you’re still beating yourself up for poor choices in the past or laziness. Be that emotions, food, exercise and or choices in life. You have to accept your past choices, come into the present moment and start exactly where you are and then define what you really want moving forward.

Learn to listen to your own instinct 

We know that  that there are always conflicting voices: voices that tell you to work for money, voices that tell you to work for passion, voices that tell you to just run away and do neither.

There is however another way .. a way when you learn to know and listen to what your ‘sat nav’ tells you,  beyond the intellectual stuff of what sounds practical. There is a way when you trust your instinct the world around you changes too.

Who Are You Really ? 


Set clear intentions and see in your mind’s eye what you want to create for yourself and your life. Dive into the big ‘why’ you might want these things.


Get into the feeling space of your heart’s truest desire by ‘acting as if’ your intention has already manifested into your reality. You cannot bring into your world what you cannot feel


Surround yourself with the things/people/places/knowledge and experiences that will inspire and uplift you so you can constantly evolve and grow and be the best version of you. 

✧ ✦ TRUST.

Cultivate the trust within you that are in control of your future and you are able to allow change in a positive way and enjoy it.


 Your heart needs to be gracious and open to receiving all good things and you need to notice them as you start receiving them.


Start paying attention to the signs of alignment with you that you are on track for your life at a pace that works for you.


Let go of the outcome and be present in each day and each moment. Stop looking for proof or getting impatient with your intended time line. When you surrender you release energetic resistance, you raise your vibration and open your world to all possibilities.